MMGT3 Clipsal500-AusGT-Day2-RV-009 med3 Heading into the opening round of the 2016 CAMS Australian GT Championship, Melbourne’s M-Motorsport were full of anticipation for what would be their fourth consecutive start on the challenging street circuit, but whilst hopeful of a strong result, few in the team honestly felt they would be holding the #1 trophy at the conclusion of the final race on Sunday morning..

“To be honest, I thought we would get there at some point this year, but perhaps not at the first round, and not with a brand new car,” Justin McMillan’s new driving partner Glen Wood admitted with surprise.

Just four weeks prior the team were lamenting the loss of their outgoing Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 GT3 after it was involved in a big accident during final practice for the Bathurst 12-Hour, the car undergoing a chassis change ahead of the Clipsal round where it would be campaigned by John Magro and fellow Queenslander Hayden Cooper.

At the same time the team’s new state-of-the-art Reiter Engineering built Gallardo R-EX (Extenso) arrived with enough time to add a new Interlloy/Wilson Storage livery, conduct a systems check at Winton Motor Raceway, and load the car for the trip across to Adelaide.

“From the get-go we had a lot to learn,” team-owner Justin McMillan admitted. “The car was new, it was different to the FL2 we campaigned last year and we had just one solitary 20-minute practice session to dial ourselves in ahead of qualifying.”

Taking a cautious approach to the two 20-minute qualifying sessions, the pair completed the two sessions to claim a 13th placed start for the opening race..

“That wasn’t ideal, but we agreed pre-race that our strategy would be to stay out of trouble and focus on points,” McMillan explained.

McMillan started the gorgeous black and orange Interlloy/Wilson Security Lamborghini and made a strong start to move up two positions, keeping ahead of former co-driver Steven Richards in the new BMW for the opening lap and a half before conceding the position to ensure he followed the pre-race plan.

“There was no point in getting involved in scraps early in the weekend, so I followed the plan and gave the car to Glen as soon as the compulsory-pit-stop [CPS] window opened.”

From there Wood charged, moving the car from 19th to fifth at the flag, in the process circulating faster than many of his rivals, only a mighty tussle at the front of the field across the final laps slowing his forward progress from a result which may have seen them emerge on the podium.

“That’s a great result from where we were in qualifying, and a lot of it is credit to the crew,” Wood admitted. “The car is just a jet in a straight line, but we’re struggling a little under brakes, so we can catch people with ease, but they can hold us out under brakes which is frustrating. After that last Safety Car I was in the perfect position to move further forward, but the front group started to battle between themselves and that meant the moves would be risky, so I opted to stick with the plan and go for the points.”

A wise decision, and a decision which paid off handsomely in race two, with Wood moving through to fourth before the CPS, McMillan rejoining in third before a last lap burst by race one winner Roger Lago in the second of the R-EX Gallardo’s dropped him to fourth at the flag, but that was soon to change.

“Justin drove the wheels off the car in the closing stages to keep some of the top drivers in the country behind him,” Wood explained. “We were fourth across the line, but post race they penalised the #1 car which finished second, so we’ve been moved onto the podium which is a brilliant result this early in the season..”

But more was still to come..

A strong opening stint in the final race saw McMillan hold on to a top six position early, circulating faster than he’d ever been around the Adelaide Parklands Circuit in the past.

By virtue of their lengthy CPS time-penalty for a third placed finish in race two, the #48 M-Motorsport Lamborghini was stationary in pit lane for 80-seconds, one of the longest stops in the field, Wood rejoining in 18th position ahead of an epic charge through the field over the following laps.

Within five laps he was back to position four but a long way back on the leaders. He made short work of the deficit to close on the battle between Tony Walls in the McLaren and the #222 Mercedes AMG of Scott Taylor for second, the two proving difficult to get around, Wood in the end making a big lunge down the inside of the Mercedes at turn four to set off in pursuit of Walls.

With a lap to go the battle between the young Victorian and Walls in the McLaren became the battle for the lead after race leader Lago made an error under brakes at turn four and shot down the escape road, damaging his car as he flick-turned it around the right way.

Again the M-Motorsport team were in a position to attack for the lead, but with valuable championship points on the line, Wood elected to hold station, crossing the line buried under the rear wing of the McLaren. Post race his decision was rewarded with the news that the team had claimed overall victory for the round, and the championship points lead heading to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne in two weeks time.

“I couldn’t believe it when they told me, it’s a fantastic result,” Wood admitted afterwards. “Justin drove brilliantly and the crew were fantastic, everyone just gelled as a team. In the end we were amongst the fastest cars in a straight line, I think overall we claimed one of the top four or five lap times for the weekend, and we were smart in what battles we fought and which ones we avoided - that was part of the key. Ultimately three results in the top five suggests we were also fast and consistent, and as a result, we’re leading the championship!”

“I’m rapt,” McMillan added. “It’s like a dream come true. Glen drove brilliantly and we followed exactly the plan we set at the start of the weekend - focus on improving the car, and on staying out of trouble.”

“We learnt a lot about the new car, but what gives me great hope is the speed it carries in a straight line and through high speed corners, which is what the next few rounds are all about, so it’s up to us now to keep the momentum going and hopefully we’ll be there at the end of the season. I really think it’s the year of the Lamborghini,” Wood said.

With hardly a scratch on the Interlloy/Wilson Storage Lamborghini, the team’s focus turns to ‘home’ and the forthcoming Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, just ten minutes drive from the team’s Melbourne base for the second round of the championship - four scheduled 25-minute races across all four days of the event.

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2016 Australian GT Championship presented by Pirelli
Clipal 500, Adelaide, South Australia (3-6 March)

Qualifying - Combined (40-minutes) - 3 March
1. Christopher Mies (Audi R8 LMS GT3) - 1:20.2039
2. Craig Baird (Mercedes AMG GT3) - 1:20.6530
3. Nathan Antunes (McLaren 650S GT3) - 1:20.8621
4. Nathan Morcom (McLaren 650S GT3) - 1:21.0813
5. Marcus Marshall (Audi R8 LMS GT3) - 1:21.3064
13. McMillan/Wood (Interlloy/Wilson Storage Lamborghini R-EX GT3) - 1:22.6065

Race#1 (40-mins) - 4 March
1. Roger Lago (Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX GT3) - 24-laps
2. Nathan Morcom (McLaren 650S GT3)
3. Klark Quinn/Tony Quinn (McLaren 650S GT3)
4. Mark Griffith (Mercedes AMG GT3)
5. McMillan/Wood (Interlloy/Wilson Storage Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX GT3)

Race#2 (40-mins) - 5 March
1. Marshall/Koundouris (Audi R8 LMS GT3) - 21-laps
2. Roger Lago (Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX GT3)
3. Wood/McMillan (Interlloy/Wilson Storage Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX GT3)
4. Klark Quinn/Tony Quinn (McLaren 650S GT3)
5. Greg Taylor (Audi R8 LMS GT3)

Race#3 (40-mins) - 6 March
1. Tony Walls (McLaren 650S GT3)
2. McMillan/Wood (Interlloy/Wilson Storage Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX GT3)
3. Matt Solomon (Mercedes AMG GT3)
4. Canto/Taplin (Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX GT3)
5. Martin/Tebb (Porsche 997 GT3-R)

2016 Australian GT Championship (points after one round of six)
1. Justin McMillan/Glen Wood (136-points), 2. Roger Lago (132), 3. Tony Walls (110), 4. Klark Quinn/Tony Quinn (104), 5. James Koundouris/Marcus Marshall (99), 6. Nathan Morcom (91), 7. Matt Solomon (69), 8. Mark Griffith (64), 9. Andrew Taplin/Dean Canto (58), 10. Scott Taylor/Craig Baird (58)

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During this weekend’s opening round of the Australian GT Championship, a former Formula One driver will make his debut on a circuit that until now, he has only previously seen during television broadcasts of the Australian Grand Prix.

“I well remember watching Michael Schumacher claim his first ever Formula One title here in 1994,” Tomas Enge admitted with a smile.. “He did it after running into Damon Hill at turn six. I’m not planning anything quite so dramatic, but I have to say, I’m really looking forward to making the Camaros Australian debut here this weekend.

“It’s not my first visit to Australia - I was here last in 2007 for A1GP - but it is my first visit to Adelaide, all I’m focussing on right now is trying to prefect the accent..!”

Enge will be paired with M-Motorsport team-leader Justin McMillan in the team’s new Interlloy liveried Chevrolet Camaro GT3, the pair unveiling the 7.9-litre V8 powered retro muscle car at Interlloy’s Adelaide base just 24-hours after Enge flew into Australia.

“From what I have seen of the Australian GT Championship, of all the circuits the series races on, this one is best suited to the Camaro, and best suited to my driving style,” Enge admitted. “Like all street circuits, it rewards commitment and precision, and there’s no margin for error - I like that.

“I’m also a fan of the V8 Supercars and I usually watch the Clipsal round, so I feel a little in awe of the circuit on my first visit, because I’m so used to seeing it on TV.”

“It will be a pretty busy weekend for us with the Camaro only having cleared customs late last week,” McMillan added. “We had a shakedown at Winton on Friday and suffered a few little teething issues that you experience with any new car, but we sorted those pretty quickly, then it was straight into the truck and across to Adelaide for the unveil at Interlloy.”

For the M-Motorsport team, Clipsal 2015 represents a very different scenario to their maiden visit to the circuit in 2013.

“That was my first street circuit race in the Gallardo,” McMillan reflected. “And we did pretty well, I qualified fifth and ran strongly in both races, however two years ago we ran just one car, this year it’s four!”

The M-Motorsport team, with assistance from Reiter Engineering, will manage the Camaros of McMillan/Enge and Dale Paterson/Steve Richards, whilst they will also oversee the Lamborghini entries of John Magro (in the Gallardo FL2 that McMillan campaigned in 2014) and Trophy Class front-runner Jan Jinadasa.

“There will be plenty going on, but we’re prepared for that,” McMillan admitted.

“The Australian GT Championship has really evolved over the last couple of seasons,” Enge acknowledged. “It has certainly become one of the best GT3 championships in the world, and like many of the other leading GT3 series, it’s going to be tough against such competitive teams and equipment.

“Together with Reiter Engineering we’ve had good success with the car in Europe and in Thailand, however it is still relatively new so there will be a steep learning curve for the whole team this weekend.

“Regardless of how it plays out we will try our best. We know the car can be quick, Justin really impressed me with his pace at Bathurst in the Reiter Gallardo, and I hope I can help him come to grips with the Camaro more quickly.

“The weather will obviously play a big part this weekend too, with the affect it will have on car reliability, on driver concentration and on tyre wear. We’re pretty comfortable with the heat after all the miles we’ve done with the Camaro in Thailand, so I don’t think that will be a big problem for us, but with a field of 34-cars, our focus will be on bringing the car home in one piece, whilst enjoying the experience at the same time!”


Rnd#1 Australian GT Championship presented by Pirelli

Adelaide Parklands Circuit, South Australia

Thursday, 26 February

Practice#1 - 10:25am (20-minutes)

Practice#2 - 5:45pm (20-minutes)

Friday, 27 February

Qualifying - 12:20pm (20-minutes)

Saturday, 27 February

Race#1 - 8:55am (30-minutes)

Race#2 - 5:40pm (60-minutes)
 Sunday, 1 March

Race#3 - 9:35am (30-minutes)

Every qualifying session and every race of the 2015 Australian GT Championship will be broadcast live in Australia on the Foxtel network. Check guides for details.


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2015 Australian GT Championship presented by Pirelli

Rnd#1 - 26 February-1 March, Clipsal 500, Adelaide, SA*
Rnd#2 - 22-24 May, Phillip Island, Victoria**
Rnd#3 - 10-12 July, Townsville, Queensland*
Rnd#4 - 21-23 August, Sydney Motorsport Park, NSW*
Rnd#5 - 11-13 September, Sandown 500, Melbourne, Victoria*
Rnd#6 - 13-15 November, Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell, NZ
(* with V8 Supercars, ** with the Shannons Nationals)


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